How to create toolpaths for an SVG

As requested on tech support.

Given an SVG purchased online:

which imports with geometry which is open:

it is necessary to select different elements and handle each in an appropriate fashion.

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Note that some lines are magenta, so are open/unclosed and can’t be used for V carving.

My suggestion would be to cut those and associated lines as no-offset Contours:

The balance of the geometry is closed and may be assigned a V carving:

but this doesn’t yield a good result for some elements due to figure-ground reversal:

So one will want to adjust the various selections and toolpath assignments:

and for the V carving:

which all previews as:


Thanks Will. You inspired me to go and find a similar SVG. I have already ordered pegs and dice and hope to have time to work on this in a week or so. I have an 8 year old into baseball.

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How do I set it up to drill the holes?

Select the circles:

(adjust numbers as necessary)

and assign a Drill toolpath:

using a suitable tool and settings (test in a piece of scrap first)

It may help to consider:

How did you get the advanced V Carve to select? I tried select all and current layer. Its says 262 minutes.

As noted above, I only selected certain elements:

How do I select just those elements?

Ungroup if need be, then shift-click on things to add them to the current selection, or if currently selected, to remove them.

Can you send me the file with the necessary adjustments? I can’t seem to get all of the holes selected.

Have you used the Edit | Select Circles command?

If that doesn’t work, please send in the current version of the file to

I can upload mine if you like. I bought an SVG online and then made a few tweaks. I used bamboo for the first time and in retrospect I would drop the double line around the edges as it creates a fragile ridge between. Also, the baseball in here is one from the CC library but the detail of the stitching doesn’t work well with the bamboo.

In the end, it works ok for my kids but I would definitely make some mods before giving it to anyone else. Strangely my daughter likes the game better than the son who plays baseball that I made it for.

If you don’t mind I would love to try it out!

Thanks for the help. I sent the file to Carbide.

When you purchased this file did it include a license for making modifications and distributing copies?

I looked in the email and back on the Etsy page where I purchased it. I did not see any restrictions specified. So, unless we are to assume that a restriction exists in the absence of specific language I think it is OK. Its not like I am trying to sell it. Perhaps non distribution is embedded in the Etsy user agreement somewhere.

The guy appears to be in India and has about 150 SVGs in his site. Interestingly, most look like law enforcement badges / patches of some sort.

His main site: cnclaserdigitalfile - Etsy

The specific baseball game: Baseball Dice Game Board Svg and DXF Vector for Laser Cutting - Etsy

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