How to cut ACM Panel

I did searches and there are a couple of mentions of ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) Panels but I did not see any reference to how to cut it. I was surprised that there was not a lot on YouTube either. I did see a couple of vids where they cut it out but I did not see anything about speeds and fees.

I bought a couple of panels for test cuts but I am hoping someone has some experience to give me a starting point.

I should note I have only had my machine for about 6 weeks and mostly cut 2D stuff. So you may have to talk slowly when explaining to me. My wife also finds it helps to explain things loudly, as well.


It cuts so well/easily that we used to use scraps from Nomad manufacture for the first test cut, a “wrench” (well, wrench-shaped piece of ACM) — here’s an article which at least communicates some aspects of cutting it:

and see:


I had a feeling you were going to be the first to answer and have the most information. I figured you had a whole video series on using ACM material and I just missed it. :slight_smile: You have so many good videos on every material the machines seem to be able to handle. Thanks for the link. The way I am reading the article I should start the test runs as if the entire body as plastic and ignore the aluminum skin. Thanks for that, I wanted a starting point and you gave me a good place to start.

Thanks, for the keyword dibond. I did not know that prior to your message. Easier to search with good keywords.

I just did a large (48" diameter) job using 1/4" ACM. Here’s my settings for a 1/8" upcut 2-flute


I cut the job upside down so the nicer finished edge was on the bottom, & I left the protective plastic on that side to be removed during installation. I did need to debur the top (back of job), but a sharp steel scraper made it pretty quick.

My granddaughter modeling the finished product. (I mirrored the picture since it’s the back side.)


Thanks you for sharing this!!! I really appreciate the cutting settings.

It looks great!

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