How to delete a part of a line Carbide Create

How can I delete a part of a line?
I have foolishly closed off the bottom line on this piece I am modelling. Now Ive realised my error and want to re open the line so that the cutter will just cut out of the stock material in the bottom corner.
As it is I cannot clamp my work along the bottom edge because the cutter will pass along here, and there is no point re cutting along this bottom edge!
Ive tried booleans but they do not divide the lines and deleting the node points just moves the lines.
I just want the black closed line to finish in the bottom right corner.

Is there any way I can do this without having to start this project all over again?


Carbide Create doesn’t have an option for converting a closed path back to open.

You will need to export to an SVG — you can then open the file in a vector editor and make the change there and reimport.

Ah ok, thanks Will.
lesson learnt for next time!

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