How to do "Prismatic" Lettering

The ability to do this came in as a feature request — basically rather than incising the design as V carving does, carving them proud of the surface:

While one can do this in Carbide Create Pro:



it takes a while to cut them out w/ any degree of verisimilitude using a ball-nosed endmill.

Hang on for how to do it manually.

First consideration is which V endmill will be used, and how proud the letterforms will stand of the stock — we’ll use a 60 degree and 1/4" height:

Draw the centerline for the letter:

to the inside and outside by half the width dimension or so:

Add geometry around the letter:

Select the outer geometry and the centerline and do an Advanced V carving w/ pocket clearing:

Repeat for the inside:

To arrive at:

Draw up geometry which is slightly wider than the width noted above:

so as to make the desired letter:

Once one has arrived at the desired outline:

Inset by a bit less than half the desired width:

Where necessary, offset any inner features to the outside, or if need be, re-draw them:

Select the new centerline geometry and the outer and do an Advanced V carving:

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