How to drill holes without cutting the outer limits?

Hi, I’m a little bit lost with the Nomad, I’ve been cutting some models without so much problems, but I have something I don’t know how to do.

I want to drill some holes without cutting the outer limits, so when using meshcam how is the model I have to load to do this?

Thanks in advance,

David, you can load your whole model, then use Set Machine Region under the CAM menu to limit what area or areas you want to machine. MeshCAM will ignore everything outside those outlines. You can also specify keep-out areas for MeshCAM to ignore while machining the rest of the part.

But if you literally want to just drill holes with drill bits, you can just use the Drilling command under the CAM menu to drill only without doing any milling.


Thanks a lot Randy, this is very useful, I choose spanish (my mother tongue) as language during the installation of the program and the translation is… poor. Lol.

I will try it next time, each time I try something with the Meshcam - Nomad each time I learn something. I have tons of projects, and so few time to do them. :wink:

I wish I had more time to play with my Nomad and learn these things but I check the forum every morning at work to try and learn from everyone. It makes great reading and I’m excited every time I see new posts. So thanks for keeping the forum active guys. Maybe the next few days there is no wind for kite boarding and I can get back into it.