How to engrave letters quickly for a test board

I am trying to build a test project to get an idea on tolerances for different items fitting in pockets. (corner curvature and things like that on objects). I have labelled my test conditions on the board so I know which hole has which assumptions (dimensions). The problem is the labeling is taking the most time for this quick and dirty test board. Any tricks to quickly engrave letters by the test feature? I am using Arial 5mm high with v-carve and a 90 degree v-bit . The test pockets take are estimated to take about 20 minutes and the labeling is estimated to take 30 minutes. Any tricks?



If you use a contour font, you can just follow that contour at a fixed depth. That usually goes pretty fast.

I use the ‘Zniko’ font for contour cutting (usually with an endmill). So instead of a VCarve on the font, do a no-offset contour cut.

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I downloaded that font about a week ago. I liked the look of it in a v carving.

Great minds ooze the same slime.

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