How to face installed x guide

I want to add some wooden x guides on the left of the machine. How do I face them so they are perfectly square to the setup? I am guessing just turn the spindle on and just the jog to manually move the spindle. Is there a better way?

Honestly, that is the way I did it. :slight_smile:

I would:

  • position at the nearest Rapid Position point
  • measure from that point to the structure
  • draw up a file which has the origin at the Rapid Position point and then makes the desired cut

Note that if you have a 5 Pro I believe you can not manually jog it, so a program as @WillAdams mentions would be required. If you have a different model then the manual jog works.

Or, maybe that manual jog restriction is in the later versions of CM and not specific to the machine model?

Thanks for the advice. I do have the 5 Pro, I thought I might have to create a file tool path somehow.

Carbide Motion is what controls how the jog works, not machine specific. So my S4Pro and S5Pro sindles both shut off when I stop a “FAST” jog. If you jog in increments, the spindle stays running. The other caveat is that it is when you manually stop the “Fast” jog. So to kinda work around that I will keep my finger on the jog button until the soft limits stop it. Therefore it stays running. Odd way to do it, but I think it was changed to be a safety feature. :slight_smile:

I am going to try a few different things today, thank you.

You can’t jog with the spindle on?

If that’s true, can you at least enter a command like G1Y300F3000?

I would imagine. I think it’s just the on-screen jog buttons that exhibit that behavior.

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