How to fix this?

Working on a clock made out of walnut which i plan to fill with epoxy. Carve went great untill i realized a stupid mistake i made. I didnt shift my design over far enough from the center hole. Its sort of hard to tell in the photo but basically my epoxy will spill into the center hole when i pour. Any thoughts on the best way to remedy this?

Put some tape on the inside of the hole and over it. That should stop the epoxy intrusion.

You may need to round it again with a drill bit when dry.


Mill a walnut cylinder the correct diameter and height (depth) of your center hole, matching the top exposed grain. Glue it in flush with the top surface. Then remill your center hole where you want it.

This is good practice if you ever need to rebush your clock.LOL


Some epoxy is like water and if there is anywhere for it to go it goes there. I have used just plain old painters tape over a crack or something I dont want the epoxy to seep through. Put on two layers in an X pattern. You will have to drill the clock hole out but you will have an obvious place to drill. I would recommend a brad point bit if you have one. If you dont have anything except a regular drill bit be sure to make a divet where the center is so your drill bit does not wander. Be sure to put a board under the front side so you dont get blow out when your drill comes through. A fostner bit would maybe better, just support the front side to prevent a blast through.

If you have a drill bit the size of the hole, and it fits snugly, wax the shaft of the bit & tap it into the hole. It should tap out once the epoxy is set.

Or, just patch the back and let it fill up. Machine the hole back out afterward.


Modeling Clay might be another option to plug the hole.
It can easily be scraped out after the epoxy dries. :thinking:


I appreciate all the great advice, many thanks!