How to generate a Pause with G Code

Clicking the Pause button in Carbide Motion during operation causes the bit to move upward above the stock. This is great.

I am using Fusion 360 and, after contouring a center piece (without tabs), I want to generate a pause in the gcode so that I can manually lift out the now floating center piece.

Fusion 360 has a Manual NC command that allows me to generate a Force Tool Change command (which works) but I don’t know how to generate a pause.

What G code is generated to cause the pause?

Here are the Fusion 360 options.

Any ideas?


When you issue the “Pause” in Motion, it sends a Safety Door command which causes the parking motion you see. You cannot pass that command straight to the controller via gcode.
You might be able to add a retract to a specified Machine (G53) height followed by an M0 (pause).