How to get vcarve pro for cheap

So I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get vcarve for cheap. I unfortunately don’t have the amount of money that is required to buy it.

If you only want to do the actual V-carving - and not the design stuff - you could use something like F-engrave (free, but not as easy to use as V-Carve) and Inkacape or other program for design. In fact, F-engrave uses black and white images for its input.

I designed this sign in Inkscape using black and white text and graphics and cut it with F-engrave and a 60deg bit.


The scrollwork is fantastic

Thanks, but to be honest, All I did was google “corner flourish” and did a copy/paste/mirror/flip to get them in the corners. Threw on text and saved it. The software really did the work.


so my cutting surface is only 32"x32" and im trying to make a piece that is 48"x30" and i learned that vcarve pro has an add on to easily let me do that @MadHatter

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Ah, yeah. There are ways to set up index points in your model and on your piece, but since I have not needed to do it yet, I don’t know how to do it. But V-Carve Pro would definitely be the easiest route.

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