How to hang floating shelves

At one point a while back, I posted a picture of a home project using drywall anchors.
I had comments that this may not hold enough weight for the purpose of nightstand side tables. I explained it should be from what I saw in a video. I could not find said video.

Guess what?

I stumbled across this video. If I am not mistaken is that same video I saw way back when.

I used the style called Blue Hawk Toggle. This is holding up very well with no play at all against the wall with a lamp, clock, and even a plant. I often hold additional items from my pocket at night.



+1 for Project Farm - I love that guy. Wish he had a CNC to talk about - :joy:

French cleats work very well for flush mounting of heavy cabinetry as well.

I went and looked at the video and the link. It is good that the night stand is not falling off the wall but one thing to consider is what if you stumble and fall and put your full weight on the night stand. With only sheetrock holding you up with the night stand you might find out that your choice should have been different. A night stand hanging from a wall has a lot of leverage. So if I were doing that I would have done as @Griff suggested and used a french cleat anchored to the studs. Even that could fail if you happened to fall and catch yourself on the night stand. I hope you never have to find out if your solution works in the worst case. Not sure how old you are but I am 68 and even when younger I have tripped and fell in my house. At my age I dont want to fall but if I do I want to find something substantial to catch my fall.

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If this were to happen, it is possible any piece of furniture could break.
I have not sat on it with my full weight but have leaned on it pretty good. It is very stable.
Besides both are placed in the corners and they have very little traffic, and the bed is right there to use as well.

Thank you for your concern.

Well, a “nightstand side table” is a little different project than “floating shelves.” I’m of the same opinion as Guy, but add the problem of repairing drywall.

I’ve put off building a new headboard and nightstand set, because my wall studs don’t align to a good position for mounting. French cleats are better, but a main mounting advantage for them is the ability to remove the mounted part. I don’t want to accidentally do that with a nightstand.

I do like that floating look, though, and my dear bride (of 51 years) likes that there’s nothing on the floor to hinder the vacuum.

Its a conundrum! :smiley:

I made a shelf for our soundbar under our TV. I just used some 1/4" threaded rod into the studs & shelf.

I drilled out the wall/stud at 7/32" and screwed the stud into the wall. Then drilled the shelf out at 1/4" and tapped (with a hammer) the shelf onto the rods. “That ain’t goin’ nowhere!” :laughing:

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Not so, the principle is the same no matter what you call it. As far as repairing the holes, this is the last house I’ll be in. Those, so called holes, will be the concern of the next homeowner. Not taking them with me. (Evil Grin) :innocent: