How to import a 3D STL and adjust settings

as requested on support…

Given a 3D STL file:

which when imported and rotated has the appearance:

Importing into Carbide Create Pro we get:

since Carbide Create by default imports the Top view.

Clicking on the 3D Orientation drop-down:

and selecting “Back” we get:

(after adjusting the size)

which seems to be what is wanted.

Will, can you measure the STL in 3D builder? I open all my STLs in NX & add a “Bounding Box” which tells me the overall dimensions. Then I find the lowest spot on the contoured portion & measure the depth from the top, so I know how much base height is already built into the STL.

If I don’t want that much base height in my project, I set the stock size in CC to something larger, subtracting the difference from my actual stock.

That model looks to be about 1/2" tall, with a 1/4" base. So only the top 1/2" is the contoured detail.
To carve this into a 3/8" board, I would set the stock height to 1/2". Then when I carve 1/4" deep it leaves 1/8" as my base on the actual job.


Probably there’s a measurement tool as well, but they changed the UI from the initial quite nice, consistent and intuitive one, so I don’t use beyond opening, repairing and so forth.

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Ah, OK. So 2.31 mm is 0.090". And about half of that is base, with the detail being the top 0.045. (maybe 0.040??)

So to carve the detail 0.650 deep on a 1.125 stock, He would want to set his stock height in CC at 1.3", and import the STL at 1.3" height.

It would be a good idea to create a flat component larger than the part at 0.175 thick to prevent the cutter from rolling off the edge of the model & cutting 1.3" deep, and into the table since the actual stock is only 1.125. (3D paths don’t have a Max Depth)

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