How to invert an image in Carbide Create

I am working on piece for friend of mine and it is a silhouette of a deer and pine trees (I’m sure most have seen this). The problem is the sample picture he sent me is carved differently then what I am trying in CC. It’s like the image needs to be inverted, and what I am coming up with is 180 degrees from what the sample is. Is there a way to flip/flop that? I’m not sure if I am explaining it correctly or not, but thats how I am seeing it my head…lol


Do you mean figure-ground reversal?

Add surrounding geometry, either by offsetting or creating a border — if that’s not it, post the file and a sketch to indicate what you want?

There is a flip horizontal and vertical. This is used for inlay you reverse the male plug.

Many text letters are not symmetrical. Like a M or W the fonts are not necessarily symmetrical.