How to make a complete copy

I designed and make a coaster in CC, then made 1 to tested it and tweak it. finally got it where I wanted it and went to alter the program to cut out 4 at a time. I highlighted the coaster, linked all the parts together and made a copy. it duplicated the coaster perfectly but didn’t transfer over the tool paths. ultimately I made it so i can make 4 of them, rewrote the tool paths for each one and grouped them so i only change the tooling once for each tool change. it worked great, but my question is, is there a way to take a single completed project and duplicate it and all the toolpaths in a simple action without having to redo the toolpaths for each copy??

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Not in Carbide Create. However, google ‘G Code Tiler’ will give several results that may work for you.
For example:

You could use ncviewer to preview the results and see if they make sense.


So if you got your design tweeked and duplicated select all the parts in a single tool using shift key and create a toolpath. Then select your second tool and select all parts for that toolpath. Then disable original toolpaths and save remaining toolpaths.

If you only use one tool select all images and edit existing toolpath but dont change anything then save toolpath.

yeah, that’s how i did the 3 copies of the original , but I was wondering if there was a way to just select and copy and it would copy the tool paths as well as the drawing.

Give this a try. I created a toolpath for a single square, profile cut. Then I copied the square 2 more times. I selected all 3 squared and clicked on edit toolpath. That deselected the second and third square. With the edit toolpath open I selected with shift all 3 squares and closed the edit operation and did a simulation and all 3 squares showed a profile cut in simulation. When I first selected the 3 squares and did an edit of the tool path the second and third square was deselected but I reselected them and hit ok on the edit tool path and it seemed to work.

You will have to see if that will work for multiple tools. You may have to select the parts of your second and third objects for the tool path you are trying to edit and again for the second tool path and of course after editing the tool paths you have to save the gcode again if you had previously saved it.

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I guess we all have the same challenge. Here’s what I do:

I often will work out the design for one object, refine the cut with one, then do a multiple-up. To make the multiple up, I save a copy of the 1 up design called x-up, change the stock size, and then duplicate the design of the object x-times.

I go to the toolpath screen and double click on each toolpath. When the edit toolpath dialog comes up, the original 1-up object components that are part of that toolpath light up in red. I CTRL-Select the same components on the copies and then press OK. That regenerates the toolpath and includes the newly selected objects. I do that for each toolpath, save the multi-up design and generate the NC file.

It’s a bit cumbersome and bulky, but it does work without having to remember numbers and options.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try

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