How to merge nodes in Carbide Create?

Yesterday in Carbide Create I was finally able to create a pattern I am in need of. It consisted of 4 different lines (2) vertical and (2) horizontal angled lines and (2) rounded corners all connected together.

The (rounded corners were drawn separately then rotated as needed and dragged into position). The end result was a triangular shaped square with 2 rounded corners. Afterwards even though all lines were connected together I could never figure out how to merge all the various line and rounded corner nodes into one.

After working on this for about an hour I was unsuccessful in trying to create a single continuous tool path for this design.

Is there a way to merge all the nodes together at once so I can create a simple single tool path?

Donnie Garrett

Could you please post an image? (or a step-by-step description of the construction)

FWIW, I’ve often found that such geometric constructions are best done using math and a program such as METAPOST, Asymptote, or even directly drawn in raw PostScript.

Or, try drawing things up in Inkscape: