How to model a decorative rosette

From a post on Facebook:

Looking for help creating a larger copy of this rosette.

First, draw up the stock:

(all dimensions are approximate)

Draw in geometry for each element of the design:

and add or subtract as appropriate:

The cove detail requires a pair of elements:


which when both selected and subtracted as a rounded form:

affords twice the rounding desired:

Next, we model a flat base for the rounded elements which we will wish to add:

and force that using an equal height:

Lastly, we model the central raising — this could be slightly inset to force the interior, but that will naturally happen when one assigns toolpaths:

As noted, all dimensions, esp. thicknesses are approximate and will want some adjustment.

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Very nice. That picture has to a very old door frame. There are lots of layers of paint.

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