How to position a stl file within the stock in Meshcam


I know the best way is to have the stl cut and sliced in the correct shape before importing into Meshcam, however, there must be a way to position the stl object within the stock via Meshcam.

Lets say i import a sphere into Meshcam that has a radius of 4 inches, but my stock is only 2 inches thick. I then want to position the sphere in a way, that Meshcam only carves the top half of the sphere. I will need to position the sphere (maybe via the stock window?) so that the bottom of the sphere basically sticks out underneath the stock.

How would i do that?


Oliver, type in your stock dimensions. Check Lock Stock Dimensions. Uncheck Center Z and enter the top margin of 0.


Thanks Randy! That worked! The ‘Lock Stock Dimensions’ was the missing piece in the puzzle :smile:
Thanks for the super quick reply!