How to remove pulleys

is there a special way to remove a pulley from a motor
i removed the set screws and it wont budge

Ideally you’d use a specialized tool for pulling a pulley — but I usually just use a small pry bar. Sometimes I’ll put the motor somewhere cool/cold for a bit, then take a lighter to the pulley to warm it up.

Contact us at if you haven’t already and we’ll do our best to assist.

As Will said ideally a specialized tool - a GEAR PULLER - would be the best choice. A pry bar, a freezer and a lighter makes me think a gear puller of the appropriate size would be worth it.

Anyone have any first hand experience with a gear puller that works for this application ?


I’m glad I had a replacement pulley
The replacement from my kit slide on with little effort

A gear puller (2 or 3 finger) and a pulley puller usually need room to work. They work on two different principles. If the pulley is shoved completely up against the motor housing, there is no room to mount or grip, cold and Heat would be the best bet. If those don’t work, which is cheaper, the pulley or the motor? A bearing splitter in the worst case scenario. If you have to, call support and ask for a return shipping label and let them fix the issue. Maybe they can give it to the person installing them wrong along with a little pink slip of paper…
Try prying too hard with screw drivers and you can get motor damage.

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Nick into the kitchen grab a couple of tea spoons (but don’t let the missus see you) and use them as a lever. Works most of the time.


And if you end up bending the spoons, and the missus finds out, then you can still claim you were watching The Matrix and got carried away :wink:


Searched for gear pullers…found this very simple diy. Tubular steel, slot, tap, bolt. The pin is fancy and lets you use a bigger bolt, but i bet m4 would work


Here’s a link to a search for “hobby gear puller” on Amazon


I had found those via a Google search. I was curious if anyone had tried these on the Shapeoko motors. Looking for someone else to be the Guinea Pig :slight_smile:


I found those same ones via google search, but was a bit concerned by the various reviews. Many look like they are made of aluminum and break under the strain.

If I was going to try one of these it would be this one. However, I haven’t looked at the dimensional requirements, yet. I don’t have a need at this time.

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