How to remove the tool change prompt?

I created a nc file with Carbide Create and I can run it with Carbide Motion. But how can I remove the prompt for the tool change? I tried to remove these 2 lines:

M6 T111

but then it hits a limit switch.

M6 is the tool change but why exactly do you want to remove it?

And how are you generating the Gcode in the first place? If you can show the first section maybe we can figure out why it hits a limit switch.


For users without a bitsetter, the tool change prompt is just a waste of time. CM really could use an option to just skip tool change prompts.

This is the Nomad section though, I don’t think the Nomad was ever sold without a tool-length probe?

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I’m using the Nomad 883. I generate the NC code by clicking on “Save GCode” in Carbide Create. Here is an example output:
And right, I have a tool-length probe. This is useful and should remain. But the tool change prompt and moving to the tool change position is wasting time. I use this for drilling holes in a lot of cases.

When is it hitting a limit switch?
Removing the M6 shouldn’t cause anything like that.

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Okay, the startup code is:

M6 T111
M3 S9000

@FrankBuss when does it hit the limit switch exactly? Which limit switch (X, Y, Z?) and where is your zero set?

You should only get a tool change prompt if the machine has been power cycled or if you’ve got a different tool in the spindle.

Which is the case here?

I don’t think you’ll be able to safely avoid it if it’s the power cycle because I don’t think the machine controller is advanced enough to remember which tool was last installed.

I think Carbide Motion does a probe when you start a job and have a Nomad selected as the machine - a probe that is not in the GCode.

When running the same Gcode on my ShapeokoXL+BitSetter and my Nomad 883 Pro I’m pretty sure that after hitting Start, the Shapeoko prompts for a tool and then probes, where as the Nomad first probes, then prompts for a tool, then re-probes.


On my Shapeokos with BitSetters I have manually edited the gcode to remove the M6 Txxx line that initiated the tool change function. You edit gcode at your own risk though. :slight_smile:

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