How to remove Wings on box Bottom

I am designing a 5.5" x 7" box for a new baby. I call it a trinket box. I used the offset tool to create the rounded corners but on the box bottom (on the right in pic) I can see little wings that are left around the lip. The bottom has a 1/4" lip cutout to fit in the box top.

Can someone suggest how to get rid of the little corner wings left over. Attached is a picture of the simulation and the CC File.


sammy_55x7_tranket_box_11012020.c2d (276.1 KB)

this is caused by using the offset tool instead of making new squares that have the same diameter fillets.

Think of it this way, each time you offset, the inner square has a smaller diameter corner than the outer… and if you make the size of your lip identical to the diameter of your tool, then yes in the corners this difference will suddenly bite you.
option 1) use new squares with same radius fillets
option 2) instead of a contour, do a pocket for a somewhat larger outer shape

I’d go for option 2 to be honest, more reliable


Thanks for the info.

To answer your original question, if I was just trying to get rid of those little “wings”, I would:

Run a “no offset” contour tool path on the perimeter of that part (where the white meets the gray). Use the same bit and cut it to the same depth as you did for the tool path that appears to have missed those wings. It’ll make a full lap around the box and knock down those wings.

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