How to return a machine

Does anybody know how to start a return on your shapeoko? Been dealing with the usb disconnect for about 2 weeks now and tonight it won’t even connect to my laptop. I was working with support on researching the problem but they haven’t responded for about 5 days now. I’m coming to the end of my first 30 days with the machine and can’t even use the machine anymore. I’ve tried calling carbide 3D and only get that their busy. This has been the worst customer service experience I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve found your most recent ticket and have tagged it w/ a link to this thread noting you want to begin the return process.

FWIW, I don’t see any open tickets from you, just a series where you have reported a problem and we have asked for a response, usually in less than an hour.

I would love to resolve my issue over returning the product. I’m trying to start a business around Cnc products. Being down this long isn’t very conducive to that. If we can’t resolve this issue soon. I need to move on to another product.

Sorry you have had this issue. The customer service has always been quick and nice. Give them a chance, the machine is fantastic. I have three different machines but the shapeoko is my work horse!

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I agree, when it works it’s great and I loved it. But it’s starting to be that the machine doesn’t work more then it works. Last night I tried to run some more test but the machine will not connect to my laptop anymore. I love the machine but I’m trying to provide a service for my business and it’s beginning to cost me money.

Wow, that sucks. Have you tried connecting it to another computer? This will help diagnose where the problem is? Has Carbide sent you a new controller? I use a mac mini that I bought for $150. Even though the website shows minimum specs for computers, mine is below the specs and runs the newest software perfectly. If you need any help help me know, I don’t mind helping out. I’m IT and work from home so I love a good challenge.

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I do not have another computer to test on. I have a Microsoft surface I use for now. I am IT as well 12 years in IT Security (10 active duty Air Force). I plan on moving the machine to a permanent location when the space opens up and connect it to my desktop. And no they haven’t sent me a new controller. Being that i was already having issues with it disconnecting on the usb cord. I think the issue is with the controller. From other post I understand that the controller is really sensitive to EMI. I wrapped a copper wire around my shopvac hose and it helped eliminate a lot of the disconnects. but it started back up and now wont even connect. As far as support goes, they were really responsive at first but communication has dropped dramatically over the last week. And i might be just over reacting to the communication. I am more than willing to figure the problem out over returning the machine. I went with the shapeoko because I found more value in it over the other machines.

Update, Carbide 3D has made contact again. There was email miscommunication. I have to gather some more info then get back with them.

Definitely give the C3D support team a chance. As a relatively new user, I’ve gotten nothing short of stellar service from them, even over seemingly trivial items. They are
genuine and honest about support and service for the products. There are also incredibly helpful users here in the community. From “Where does this screw go?” to “How the heck did you make THAT?”, good answers and great ideas are plentiful.


Glad to hear it sounds like you are getting some help. FWIW, I have only had fantastic experiences with their team. They truly do always want to help and the products are great. I have friends who have gone with other companies and the support is not at all there whether through official channels or the forums.

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