How to select Bamboo plywood

Ok, tried to pocket out an area on a bamboo cutting board. I found the middle was not solid.Had gaps etc. Anyone know what type bamboo plywood would be called to not have issues I had on mine. Sure it says solid bamboo but not really. Thanks for any input.

Was that “plywood” made in China?

Yeah, thick bamboo cutting board can contain all sorts of surprises, especially the cheaper ones (obviously). You can usually tell by looking at the side of the board: if you see a top and bottom layer, and a large layer in the middle…beware.

I found that Ikea bamboo cutting boards are actually good quality and are really solid bamboo. Look for the “APTITLIG” models.


What size and thickness do you want?

I was looking for bamboo with thickness around .600 .750 range. I was surprised at only .245 pocket finding voids in bamboo. I will check out IKEA also. Looks like first try cutting board was make in China.

Unfortunately, the thick Ikea boards are not solid either. I picked up some solid plywood slabs from a company called NW Bamboo. I bought a countertop slab (1.5" x 26" x 97") a couple of years ago for cribbage boards.

I am lucky that I was able to drive to their warehouse in Portland to pick it up.

Nationwide, I’d check out Plyboo. They are also solid plies and come in large sheets as well. I have only read about them, so I have no personal experience.


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