How to set depth of v cut

Okay I’m running CC 316 and using a v carve bit 302. How do I set how deep the v bet will cut?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Use the search function and search for Vcarve depth and you will find multiple threads providing multiple ways around this. Kinda sucks, but in most instances I have not needed it. The few times I have, I have added offset lines in my design to control the depth of the cut while using CC’s V carve function. Or simply set the cut for a profile cut set to a max depth. It won’t simulate properly, though. Hope this helps.

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There is a useful webpage that calculates how deep the v - bit will go for a known feature width that may help you work it out. Also the V-Bit offset calculator may help you with your pocket calculations.

(See-N-C also has some good instructional videos too btw)

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I use a lot of SVG files that I find on Google. When I open the image in LibreOffice or Inkscape the pictures look like line drawings that would be perfect for vcarving. However when I open them in Carbide Create there are other objects in the drawing that cause the vee bit to plunge deeply and sometimes cuts through the lids of my boxes. This is confusing to me because I look at the images in a program that is made to handle SVG and I get fooled. When you do a show simulation in CC many times you get dark parts that will be carved but are deceptive in how deep they are going to cut. As others have pointed out the vee bit will plunge as deep as it is required to get the width of the line made. I found a great kite image with a tail that had little bow ties. The kite was all black and the 302 bit plunged about 3/8" deep. So sometimes if you download an image you must do a trial run on a piece of scrap to see if what you expect is what really happens. You can try to modify images in Inkscape or other drawing programs but that can be time consuming and still get unpredictable results.

If you want to control vcarving depth CC will not do that. You can upgrade for a price to several of the Vetric applications and Fusion 360. There are learning curves with those products but they are better at some things over CC. That is not to say that CC can do a lot and it is the right price.

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