How to set up a multi sheet plywood project

Given a large and complex project such as:

which needs:

  • 6 x 3/4”x4x8 – Plywood (Birch or Smooth Sanded Pine Plywood used in cabinetry)
  • 4 x 4x4x8 – Untreated Pine (note Actual width of 4x4x8 is normally 3 ½ x 3 ½)

there are a couple of options to organize the file:

​ - use tiling to organize the cuts
​ - use layers to organize the cuts
​ - put each sheet in a separate file

We will set this up using Layers, with a separate layer for each sheet of plywood, and then use the Tiling feature to facilitate cutting each sheet.

First, set up the stock:

and import the provided file:

The first consideration is what tool to use — a #251 downcut is well-suited to cutting through 3/4" plywood:

Select everything but the parts for the first sheet:

and move it out of the way:

Select the parts for the first sheet:

and adjust it to facilitate cutting — draw in a circle showing the tool diameter plus 10%:

and use it as a guide to position the two parts relative to each other:

Select the two pieces and group them:

Select the other part and center it on the stock:

Then position the two parts:

and move by 0.275":

Select all the parts:

Group them:

and align to center again:

Offset to the outside by endmill diameter plus 10%:

and group:

Select the geometry for the first sheet:

and move it to a new layer:


and assign a Pocket toolpath:

and set up tiling:

and adjust the Job Setup to get down to 2 tiles:

Then set up a new Group and new Layer for the next sheet.

Hide the layer:

and select the parts for the next sheet:

Group them:

and align them to the center of the stock:

Check the part spacing:

Ungroup and shift each part:

and adjust positioning:

and create an offset:

and set up a new toolpath in a new Group:

and put the geometry on a new Layer.

Repeat for each, but note that for some arrangements:

it may be necessary to shift geometry to different sheets.

or re-arrange:

Eventually one arrives at:

which has geometries such as:

I still have not had the chance to try this but I will soon. Thank you for the step by step tutorial.

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