How to set up for slab flattening?

Just curious how i set up for slab flattening on a shapeoko xxl, like what would i put in the carbide creeat if using a spoilboard bit? also whats the best way to secure piece if its not level and i need to shim like i would using a router sled

This worked for me on a very short piece of wood. I just chopped off the ends when the carve was finished.

Try the painters tape and super glue method. Draw a rectangle slightly larger than wood to be flattened so whole slab is cut. Use center as origin. I remove 0.010 doc with 1 inch fly bit. Create pocket of rectangle with 0.010 depth. Make pencil marks all over surface. Zero z on surface and make a single pass on board. If there are any pencil marks left zero over pencil marks and rerun until all pencil marks are gone. Turn piece over and repeat until all pencil marks are gone.

Shim first side so the wood does move during machining. You need a flat reference side on the first side to get consistent thickness on both sides.

Just a note on shimming - it’s better to have multiple thinner shims (say on opposite corners) than having one thick shim on one corner.

The amount you will have to take off on the shimmed side is at least equal to the thickness of your thickest shim.

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