How to skip bitsetter for waste board surfacing

Main question is can I completely skip the bitsetter steps and just zero for waste board surfacing? My issue is my waste board bit is hollow in the middle and wraps around the button measuring depth inaccurately. I thought zeroing all would cover it, then it did bitsetter again and I ran and it plunged deep into waste board. How do I avoid this or work around this issue? I thought bitsetter only affected z height for bit length at tool change not z zero height. What am I missing?

FYI new to the bitsetter.
This is on S3 xxl with motion build 551.
I usually use v1 tool prob for zeroing but manual sometimes too.



Did you mean your surfacing bit is hollow in the middle and therefore does not hit the button on the bitsetter? If that is the case, I have the same problem and what I do is place a thin business card over the button while it is pressing with the surfacing bit in place. It works perfectly for me. You could also turn off the bitsetter in the software when you need to run a surfacing task. I just find it easier to over the button.

Yes, that is my issue. Thanks for the business card trick. I will give it a try. If I wanted to, where would I turn the bitsetter off in the software like you mention?

Thanks again for the reply.

(In the Settings menu, there is a checkbox to enable/dosable Bitsetter)

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Thanks, I have two paths forward now. I appreciate the replies.

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