How to trace pictures quickly

This is a quick video I put together on how to trace Images and get them ready for carving or engraving.

This is a very fast tracing program and it makes this task so much easier then most of the others I have used so far. Just thought I would share. You can download it here:

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You continually improve this product to make our jobs much easier. Keep up the awesome work. I saw a guy on the Inventables forum putting together a toolkit for doing calibrations, etc. It might be nice to include some of those items within your software.

This works very nicely @rogwabbit!! Any way to add SVG save option? I’d like to be able to manually edit nodes at times…great work!!

I could probably add .SVG in a future build , it seems fairly straight forward of a format. You should be able to edit the nodes in the autocad format as well, I use Sketchup by Google but I guess it depends on what software you are importing into?

Hi Roger, Is this your software? In the video I can’t hear the speaking, my volume is 100% on my computer and the video, can you turn it up somehow?? I use sketchup also exclusively and if this works like or along with sketchup than I’m interested. Thanks Roger

Yes this is my software 100% written by me. I read many books on gcode, grbl documentation and practical machining to get it built but I think it’s a great platform. I am sorry to hear that you cannot hear it from your computer, it’s blaring loud when I play it from youtube on my computer. Out of curiosity have you tried headphones maybe? Are you using external speakers with a volume control? On my laptop I have to turn it down it’s so loud and when I recorded it the mic was almost all the way to the top so I’m not sure I can make it any louder then it already is.

It traces and exports to .DXF format currently, I may add more options in another up-coming release. Sketchup imports .dxf so it works with that well.

Edit: Also hover around the bottom of the video and make sure the youtube plugin/ player is also set higher.

Is that with sketchup pro? I only have sketchup make 2017 and I don’t see dxf on the import file type box. I’ll try headphones. Thanks
Just the laptop speakers, did hover youtube speaker icon 100%, maybe it’s me then, I have hearing loss, sooo… thanks

You can download a free import and export of .DXF from the Extension warehouse that works with any version of Sketchup. Personally yes I have Sketchup Pro but I also have the free version on another computer and it works just fine.

I like this Sketchup export / import extension:

the site explains how to download / install it. It exports and imports very easily.

fwiw i havent been able to hear on any of the vids,I follow on youtube and look forward to new vids,at this point ive always thought you just didnt speak in them lol.

Really? I have 4 computers here and from youtube I hear it on all 4 computers and my phone. Can you hear ANY youtube videos?

I hear it…albeit a little on the quiet side, but I still can make it all out.

Yes youtube is my main source for videos,on it daily

I think its a windows 10 64bit driver issue with realtek,if i make my realtek digital output default and then make my speakers default again i can hear you,if i refresh the page or go to watch another of your videos it does the same thing.cant hear anything unless i got thru the above steps all over again.its only on yours though for some reason,ive also ran into a random video months ago that did the same thing but never thought anything of it cause i didnt follow that on my windows phone perfect too.

The funny part about that is, I recorded it on a windows 10, 64bit with realtek audio, go figure!!!

According to my understanding, youtube now does audio leveling so I have no way to fix the volume at all because they decide the audio level.

lol yeah dosent sound like windows at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a quick work around for everyone that cannot hear the videos.

Just copy/paste the link of the video and convert to avi or mp4 and download it,only takes a second