How to upgrade from grbl .9 to 1.1

hi I have the Shapeoko 3 I have purchased the touch Probe
so now I need to upgrade from .9 to 1.1 I cannot find a video which I prefer or detailed enough instructions on how to do this
I do have a limit switches please Thank you

Please see:

You already have a link to the instructions, but one thing I never saw in the instructions was to change the microstepping on the circuit board on the S3… On my original configuration it was set to 1/2 steps I think, and it had to be set to 1/4 steps by moving a jumper on all 3 axes…

Please see:

Added a note about DIP switches.

Mr. Adams I am confused by coment on 1/2 steps and 1/4 , my question sir is do I need to know something or should I be fine

Older boards had DIP switches for changing from 4x to 8x micro-stepping — if you have such a board, make sure it’s set to 8x micro-stepping (to match current production boards).

I have the 2.2 board

In that case, you should be fine.

I assume nobody has tried this with the fabulous Sparkfun S3 (which uses a different controller)? I have always assumed I would need to do the Arduino IDE compile process to do this. Still haven’t found the courage to do this although early on I accidentally compiled .9 to the SF controller and it actually worked so I may be ok (???)

It should work. If it doesn’t, check in w/ Sparkfun and let us know at and we’ll do our best to help.

I have checked with Sparkfun many times. They refuse to help (even though they still sell the controller w/ GRBL 0.9). They even refused to help with getting limits working even though the board has limit inputs, limit input switch, etc.

Sparkfun is a experimenter/hardware company. Their controller is a DIY device in their view. Unless you burn out the driver chip they don’t want to hear about it.

Huh. I’ve found them generally to be pretty helpful.

Well, on a different note, I used the Carbide updater tool to update a keyestudio grbl board a couple days ago (put a jumper on the z limit switch input, just like holding the z limit switch on the shapeoko). Worked great, first time, no real issues. Should work with the sparkfun board, but you will need to close the z-limit switch input.

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I may try that (easy to grab the Z limit). However just wondering if there is any “magic” there(?)

I am pretty comfortable with the Arduino IDE and compiles. Anybody know what the updater is actually doing other than compiling and uploading?


The updater should just have a copy of Grbl 1.1 (no compiling) which is compiled with our settings (we require a flag to have Grbl send machine state information) and it just sends it after checking for the Z-axis or Prog button state.

@Jorge or @robgrz or @edwardrford would have to address anything else.

Be aware that if you do so with a board it doesn’t expect, it will say it can’t find a board, then give you the option of selecting a serial port. Just select the port your alternative board is plugged into, and it’ll do its thing. The only real reason to do it this way is because it’s easy - you could certainly load the .hex from the web site and load it via the ide.

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