How to use Discourse?


Is there a manual or readme or FAQ or help menu somewhere on how to use Discourse? I can obviously post and reply to posts, but have no idea how to quote from a previous post. I can’t find any kind of help section here either. So far I’ve just been winging it…



(Eddie Garmon) #2

Quoting is simply done by highlighting the text you want to quote, then click on the ‘quote reply’ button that pops up. It then places that quote directly into your reply as below.

Me too honestly.


Thank you for the answer, @FlatBaller. I’ve actually tried highlighting text when I reply, but nothing special happens. I’ve whitelisted this whole forum in NoScript so it might be a setting in Adblock. I use a number of security plugins in Firefox.


(Mark Bellon) #4

Me three - winging it.

The quoting works for like like @Flatballer says.



I restarted Firefox in “safe mode” (i.e. unsafe mode-no plugins at all) with no difference. No popup, no combination of shift- or alt- or ctrl- plus clicking the reply icon does anything.

I can create a quote without the attribution by copy-n-paste text from a prior post, then manually set it to blockquote using the icon.

The quoting works for like like @Flatballer says.

That will work for me, just to give a context for my replies.