How to use the shapeoko touch probe on ugs platform?

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hi there ,

I can’t figure it out myself, but what i have to do to use my carbide3D touch probe working with ugs platform ? is it possible ? is there a line code command to enter ?

thanks for the help guys.

(William Adams) #2

There are a couple of requirements for a stock setup:

If you don’t want to, or can’t do those things, then it’d be a matter of configuring UGS, bCNC or some similar program to work.

(Andre) #3

thank you William

I forgot to mention that I am already using CM4, Grbl 1.1 , homing switches with my carbide3D touch probe and it’s working like a charm.

for some reasons I have to use ugs platform instead of carbide motion, is there a manipulation to do to make them working together ?


(Richard Cournoyer) #4

This should help even more:


(Chris C) #5

Assuming you mean Universal G-Code Sender, the platform version (the new one) has a probe module all built in thats pretty simple to use. No need to mess with macros.

(Andre) #6

thanks Chris

yep, I was talking about Universal G code Sender (platform)
So if I understand well, I have nothing to do for making the carbide3D probe working on UGS ?
It will works the same way as in cabide motion ?

(Chris C) #7

It works pretty similarly. You just need to know the dimensions of the touch block (which you don’t with CM since they are hardcoded in). For the Z, I’d open the probe module in UGCS, enter the thickness of the probe (25mm for mine) and position it the same as CM and hit probe. It works the same after that.

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