How/Where to attach Drag Chain to HDZ

I’m just installing the HDZ and didn’t see anything in the blog instructions on how and where to attach the drag chain? A photo would help immensely

Drilled and tapped a couple of 5mm holes, printed a bracket.

Either be careful or use a drill stop to avoid going all the way through the backplate. Use a center punch to mark the holes so your bit doesn’t skitter all over that pretty blue anodizing :joy:


I love the linear guide.

Thanks. Not sure yet if it does much for me, need to cut a lot more parts.

I’m curious too. I just installed mine on Friday but I haven’t tested it yet. However, I don’t have it bolted to the stepper motor yet, lack of M5 threaded rod around here.

Just like this.



Excellent picture - thank you.

Picture is worth a 1000 words

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