How would you cut this

wanting to make this camper into a sign. what bit would be best to use to cut it out camper 201 no offset.c2d (840.9 KB)

It is fine lined art with details 0.014" or so thin.

I would probably inset everything by some distance which I thought would present well at the selected size and assign a V carve, adding additional insets or removing some at need.

Alternately you could just do a no-offset follow path cut with a small endmill — the problem is balancing that with the size of the piece.

I don’t understand what you mean by inset everything?

Select everything and click on the “Offset Path” icon:

Inset to the inside by some reasonable dimension:


You then get a V carve which describes some features and distorts others:

In particular, the tires would want to not be so cut away — delete the V carve, go back to the Design pane, select the tires and offset them o the outside by half the area around the wheel wells:

A further consideration is the inset distance used joined too many things together — going back to the beginning and using a smaller value will allow more control:

Add a few judicious insets and delete various elements:

and I’d clean up in some places:

(use Boolean Union for that)

Select any large areas and inset them as well:

and then you should get a fairly detailed V carving:

camper 302 V carve.c2d (1.3 MB)


Unable to open the file. I’m using CC 316.

Here’s an SVG:


zipped: camper 302 V (29.4 KB)

Please consider upgrading though:

Wow, what other forums have such great mods that they go to all this work? Will is the best!

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I’m going to upgrade just waiting for bugs to be worked out. As a new be I’m having enough troubles just trying to get started. Then add a new program in the test thinking will be more problems for me. Might be completely wrong may make things easier don’t know.

Throw some scrap wood in the machine, put on some safety glasses, and carve something. It may not work, but then you figure out why and try again.
There will always be bugs.


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