Husky 52' Workbench with drawer

A long shot… but if one of you happens to have this

Could you measure the distance between the legs underneath? I’m looking for the smallest measurement.

The idea, is that I am hoping to nest a 46" Husky underneath when not in use, russian doll style :slight_smile:

I’m sitting at one of those right now :slightly_smiling_face:. I measure 46-1/4" between the legs. So if the cabinet is exactly 46" wide, it should just squeak in there.


I have one and wanted to add it is 18.5 from the top of bottom bar to bottom of drawer.

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Thanks to you both. I’ll go take some close measurements at lunch :slight_smile: I can always trim the rubberwood top on the 46" slightly at the edges if needed.

Is the distance between anything else “down there” less than 46 1/4? Looks like the front/back wheel bars (technical term I know) might project inwards another 1/4"? Hard to tell with the white legs in the photo.


The 46" version you choose if you want that crossbar in the middle or back, I chose back, can do the same on the 52" although I’ll need to figure something out since it still wouldn’t nest perfectly against the back of the wall with the 52" having a crossbar.

Okay, so I just measured… between the horizontal bars on the ground, 46 exactly at the front. Towards the back, 45 7/8". So it just might squeeze in there, the on/off levers on the wheels might actually interfere but that’s something I can fiddle with to figure it out.

I could probably forego the lower support beam and figure something else out, since the 52" would not be on wheels. Possibly anchor the table itself to the wall with an L bracket to dampen any sway.

Or you could just add 1/4" to the crossbar. Jus’ sayin’.

True :slight_smile: It’s mainly the front/back movement. The smaller desk as you push it in, will hit that back cross bar of the big one, so the front of the small desk would stick out maybe 6-10". Not a huge deal though.

That said, they don’t sell the 52" with drawers in Canada :slight_smile: Road trip when the borders open!

The wheelbars do have a sheet metal lip that protrudes about 1/4" on each side, but I accounted for that in my 46-1/4" measurement. That number is your actual clearance.

I didn’t realize that the crossbar could be mounted to the rear. I purchased it assembled with the bar in the center. I see that the holes are there though.

I don’t think the locking levers for the casters will interfere. They are outboard on mine.

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