I am having z motor connectors heating up after an hour or more causing the z axis having a mind of its own and ruins projects any one else have this and maybe solutions

Is anyone having issues with the z axis connector heating up after use for a period of time It has ruined a few of my things that i worked on ,reading the blogs I see several wiring issues I tried to get a half hour session but I did not get it, It most likely was something that i did wrong. I ran it on a failed project reset zero and reloaded roughing file,then started the program and let it cut through already cut (air) ,when it got to where it failed I stopped it and touched the z connector burnt my finger any answers out there thanks

The only way you will get a proper solution to this is by working through support:


The connectors should not heat up — please contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist.

Connectors that heat up is because of a poor connection. It could be the individual pins not crimped well enough or the connector making a poor connection. Support will help you but in the mean time pull on the wires to see if the wires are loose.

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