I am looking for a fancy switch panel for my 5 Pro workbench

This keeps getting deeper. I am almost happy this control panel isn’t for a Shapeoko nor a VFD, but it makes me excited about building one out in the not so near future.

The Raspberry Pi solutions looks nice and easy enough, compared to the project linked above, but boy howdy do I want an x+y+z joystick like that. I’m getting a lot of crane game vibes from my first few weeks with a CNC so maybe I’ll play off of that theme.

For now, I will just install the relays and have some 12v switches until I have a more intimate understanding of the machine and how I use it best. I have a touchscreen that just needs a Pi, and perhaps the you provided will get me close until I do an entire project on it. I promise I will think about posting my solution/issues when that time comes, but that doesn’t always happen.

If you really want to go done the rabbit hole, see if you have a local distributor for Allen-Bradley, Square-D, Siemans industrial control products. They will have just about everything you need, tad higher prices, but if you want a lighted push button that can switch 120VAC@30A, generally it’s an on the shelf item. Get their catalog/website information, find what you need & can find it used on secondary suppliers. There will be thousand of suppliers to get them at.

Nice looking setup. Some day I’ll figure out how I want to configure mine

You got that right. such a deep rabbit hole that I’ve put it aside because first things first. Gotta get familiar with this z axis thing first, and I’ll build the controller in my dreams until I have the time to dedicate to such pleasures.

Though I imagine a touchscreen with a joystick supplied from Carbide 3D would be amazing, and encourage many to upgrade to Pro.

But I’m new here and am not going to make such requests, at least until we get some quick keys for basic functions in CC. First things first.

Glad I got here after multiple undo states were implemented lol. I served that time waiting for Photoshop 4!

Thanks for the recs. I imagine my next thread about this will involve an Arduino micro, joystick and some colorful buttons.

Until then, I gotta learn my speeds and feeds first, but seeing the gracious and curious responses to this post reminds me that I’ve picked a killer community to interact with.

Let’s go!

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