I am sure these would sell (if I was not comfortably retired)


Fundraiser for tor local animal shelter?

So tell us how you did it. Is it carved and painted? The little mouse is cute. My daughters cats go mental for those little things.

I made this for a friend whose cat had just died. I used a picture of the cat and used the Posterize filter in Photoshop Elements to reduce it to black and white (its often easiest to first increase the contrast a lot, after converting the photo to grey scale). That JPG file went to Convertio.com which converts it into an SVG. Then its just an import into Carbide Create - I often end up using a 1/8 inch tool for the bulk of the carving, and switch to 1/16th to do the outline as a separate toolpath. Then I fill the carving with black (or other dark color) epoxy and sand it up to 4000 grit and give it a couple of coats of clear lacquer. I have done a couple of dogs too - the key is to use a wood that has little grain, and the harder the wood the crisper the lines - I use Ash quite a bit. I usually use a couple of coats of sanding sealer before the epoxy, which can otherwise bleed into the grain.


I love minimalist artwork. It’s easy to make with a single color, and the mind fills in a lot of the detail which is unique to each person. Too much detail forces the viewer to see what the artist wants them to, rather than the viewer enjoying their own thoughts. I really enjoy nature scenes in this style.


So cool, very impressed. I’m going to have to try this…thank you for the inspiration.

are you doing the grey scale first or the posterize filter, at least in photoshop the posterizing filter does not change the image to black and white, not sure about elements.

Yes, convert to grayscale first, and then increase contrast to get the balance between dark and light areas where you want them. You have to set the posterize filter to 2 colors. On elements, at least, you have a slider for the number of colors. I don’t have photoshop on this machine, so I can’t check to see if you have the same option, but I would be surprised if there were not a filter that would do it.


yo that is so cool! I have a Maine coon it looks somewhat like him

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