I broke my favourite spatula

This weekend I broke my favourite spatula and decided to create my own using scrap pieces of 6mm thick wood pieces that I had purchased a while back from a local source. I used different kind of woods to make the set look more interesting.

I attached the vector files for anyone that is interested to create a set in the PDF, EPS, AI and SVG formats.

I used a 1/8-inch end mill for this project and took them to my belt sander for adding the nice “sharpened” edge. An orbital sander will get you the same result.

Spatulas.zip (138.9 KB)


Nice job.

I recently saw a video on youtube by the Wood Whisperer He build himself a wooden spatula that he says was an $33,000.00 spatula. He was joking but his contention was he could have bought a spatula for a $1.00 at the dollar store but his making it in his shop cost the $33,000.00 in machinery to make the utensil.


:joy: He should have bought a shapeoko!

That’s what YouTubers have to do anymore; create click-bait to compete with all the other click-bait.

Those look awesome ! Nice job :+1:t3:

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Very nice. I will have to make some of these, we are always running short on spatulas and spoons. The kids use them outside and I usually find them when I cut the grass

I like it may try to make some of these myself

Please note that when selecting woods, one should use woods suited to food contact. Traditional choices are fruit tree woods (cherry, and olivewood in particular), while woods which have the potential for allergic reactions (tropical hardwoods) should be avoided.


This is great, but some of the wooden spatulas we own have a curve to them, especially at the end. So, it wouldn’t just be a question of cutting out an outline, but in sculpting the front and back.

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That’s correct. I used a belt sander for this and did this by eye.

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Good point. So far I used walnut, apple and an unknown. No allergies yet!

My great uncle Garland had an amazing eye for seeing unusually shaped branches and elements of a tree which he would then harvest and make use of the wood’s natural shape and grain when making things.

The alternative to this would of course be to use Carbide Create Pro to do the rounding and to cut as a two-sided job.

On topic, but a bit off center: Spatula City Official Grand Opening Commercial - YouTube

Hilarious :joy:. Never saw this before.

Courtesy of Weird Al Yankovic via his movie UHF. Late 1980s.