I BROKE my spindle DeWalt SO3

I’ve been using my machine a lot over the past month, and for some reason I decided to kind of stress test my end mills to see how long they would last. I think the one Im using got too dull and put extra stress on the spindle or something because today it just stopped working.

I was not in the room when it stopped working, but now it has no sound, does not spin, and the light still comes on.

I guess I’ll be buying a new spindle, any suggestions? I might just buy another dewalt.

I also want to note that its likely partially due to dust, as I have no dust collection and no sock on my spindle

and by running my machine a lot I mean its been running about 12 hours a day for the last 2 weeks, so its possible the spindle just died from general over use.

Probably just burnt out brushes — they’re replaceable, though Dewalt takes the stance that it’s a factory service.

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Mine did that a couple of Saturdays ago when I had some work planned. I ordered replacements and had no issue replacing them. The DeWalt people did a lot better design job with the router than they did with their random orbit sanders. I’m replacing brushes on them all the time (about every 45 days). On the RO sander, however, I can always tell when it’s getting to the end of life on the brushes…the motor starts to fluctuate and I can hear it slowing down. When the brushes on the 611 went, I had no advance notice. One day they worked; the next they did not.

DeWalt = 3 yr waranty

Oh and add a pre filter (a sock) to you know stop the crap from eating your brushes.

I just ordered some brushes, I’ll let you guys know if they fix the issue

Also I decided to disassemble my router a bit too much to see if there was anything else wrong and I definitely don’t have the LEDs anymore because I cut the wire. Not a big deal to me. But there was also this strange rubber part that fell out and I have no idea where it goes so chances are I’ll have to get a new spindle anyway.