I can not Create a path for tis logo

Can not get a V-carve path for the logo for a client. I have imported from the client a SVG fie but when I open it with carbide design it does not show the “cut” in the simulation.

The problem is, the logo is drawn so as to use white strokes to knock out elements, so when imported into Carbide Create and said strokes are discarded, one ends up with overlapping geometry which does not represent the desired appearance.

To fix this:

  • open the file in a vector editor which is able to expand strokes / offset paths
  • ungroup until one has paths which one can interact with
  • select the T
  • switch to outline mode
  • duplicate it
  • offset it by the thickness of the white stroke
  • boolean subtract it from the H
  • adjust for the white stroke applied to the H and the T
  • expand the two black circles so as to be filled paths, rather than stroked paths

When one is done, one will have a file which will view as: