I found an old Shapeoko 2

I always have a look at Facebook marketplace and this machine showed up, the guy selling it was nice and gave it to me for 300 AUD, what can i do with it?

I have all the spares i pulled from the other machine so vwheels and bearings and router bracket and even the makita router i have…


Sweet deal.

  • Mount a laser onto it to engrave text & logos on the shiny pieces you cut on your other machine ?
  • Keep it around to multitask / cut wooden jigs while your TWIFOKO is busy cutting metal ?
  • Start a local maker space and let teens learn CNC on it ?

Yeah, things like this make me regret having given away/loaned out my Shapeoko 1… in retrospect I should have used it and parts from my SO2 (which I sold) to make a hybrid machine.

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Turn it into a plasma cutter cnc and up your game to a new level.

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