I hate the weather right now

I’m in Georgia which is a little cold but perfectly normal weather. My machine has been showing it would be delivered yesterday for a few days and then now I’m seeing it’s still in Illinois! It has moved a whopping 88 miles in 4 days (this is a Fedex problem, not a C3D problem).

I know it’s not healthy to obsess over things but I have seriously woken up in the middle of the night with ideas of stuff to make (thankfully I keep a document open on my phone and ipad all the time so I can jot them down real quick to help free up my brain to go back to sleep) and I won’t be able to get them into wood or aluminum until the machine arrives.

I want my machine!



You can have my weather any time! :smiley: I’m perfectly happy with 100° in the shade! It isn’t so much that we’ve had so many problems with this winter storm (I’m prepared), its that the surrounding 1000 sq. miles are just now coming out of the frozen-in-place state!

Where are you that it’s 100 in the shade? I’m in Connecticut and it’s 25 in the sun with 2’ of snow on the ground!

Cold here in SW Florida too. 55 and sunny

I never thought that part of my post would need explaining … :smiley:

I live in East Texas in a rural community. The snow is still on the ground and is only about 35 degrees right now at 10:45 am. Hopefully today and tomorrow the temperatures will rise enough for me to get my water back on (frozen).

A few nights ago it was 9 degrees F. I have lived in Alaska where it was regularly in the negative numbers and spent a lot of time in upper New York. These places are cold but they build for that kind of temperature and we here in Texas do not get that cold so we are unprepared for it in our building practices.

This coming week we will be back in the 60s and frankly I cant wait. This entire week has been wasted time. Not completely wasted but I did watch a lot of youtube videos. But a wasted week as far as getting anything accomplished in the shop.

My little dog will be glad to get back outside full time where she can live free.

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Haven’t figured out that frozen water pipes thing in Texas…
We had a 20 hour power outage here in southeast Iowa a couple of weeks ago, temps between -17f and -3f…no frozen pipes here.
Today it is a heat wave… going to get to around 12 degrees f.
Must be the difference in construction ?

I don’t think it would be building construction. Texans don’t insulate for cold but they insulate for heat and last time I checked, insulation works for heat and cold. But I don’t think they bury the water pipes 4’ deep outside like is normal in cold climates so I can see frozen pipes outside the house.

Actually, we commonly stick water pipes up out of the ground in free air! :smiley: And we have many valves open to the cold instead of being buried. Then only recently we started running our pipes inside of the foundations. And to top it all off, insulation is never adequate for heat or cold! (And we never insulate internal walls.) Then we mostly have “all electric” homes, but not me. My home is heated with propane, so I only need a small electric generator to maintain heat, water (drilled well) and lights.

Such is life (and then there’s hurricanes!) :smiley:

In colder winter climates you have different standards for building. With the exception of north Texas we seldom get extended temperatures below freezing. So we bury pipes much closer to the surface and many pipes inside homes are not insulated. If you live where it is very cold you bury your pipes deeper below the frost line and you insulate your pipes better. Since it is rare for such a cold snap it is about time and money. The time to build to northern standards and money to do it is not necessary for us. Even during this disaster the repair will be cheaper than building it to a standard we normally do not need.

My water is buried except where it comes into the house. That pipe was insulated. I cut my water off last Sunday in anticipation of the cold event. I would rather fix the aftermath than fight water fountains during the bitter cold. I went to turn my water on this morning but it seems to be frozen somewhere before the meter. The meter and my cutoff valves are both under ground so dont think it is there. Maybe tomorrow it will be warm enough for the water to thaw on its own. Then it will be fixing what is broken. I have pex so hopefully there will be little to no damage.

It is just the difference in standards between really cold places and what we usually get here.

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Has cutting Snowmen and Santa Claus figures come to mind yet? :slight_smile:

It has been in single digit and below 20 degrees for many days here in Indiana, and we’ve had 1 ft of snow that drifted to about 2 ft in places, but deliveries seem to be going well.

I live in central Texas and it was 3°F with 8" of snow with all of the roads iced over. Loved every minute of it. :grinning: