I made a REAL magic wand!

Hi everyone!

My name is Sam and I love making things.

When I was younger I LOVED magic, devouring Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. Now that I’m older, a little wiser, and have access to a CNC, I can actually make magic a reality!

Check out the video above where I make some custom electronics, and then make a wand out of walnut on the Nomad Pro! All I have to do is swing the wand in the right pattern (or spell?) and it will toggle on/off my custom home automation stuff!


This is great stuff. I swear I saw plasma streaks coming out the end with leetle stars and things. I’m purty sure I did …

@SamMarch Can you make a magic wand that fixes my proximity switches and belts :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But seriously, how do you replace the battery as it looked like you superglued it in the wand?

My wife uses the EIGHT sets of Harry Potter books we put in her classroom to encourage her 6th grade students to READ. Fueling the imagination is what makes tomorrow’s world better than yesterday’s because we were here today. (Coronavirus moved her online and that is a disappointing educational environment.) This is a GREAT project.
Somewhat electronics capable but NOTHING to this scale.
We did purchase a wand at Universal Studios Hollywood. (It broke and I fixed it but it does not “work.”)

Awesome project @SamMarch, and welcome to the community!
I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but I helped a student replicate a similar project a few years go.

We ran out of time in the school year, and I’m not sure if she was able to finish up or not.


Thanks so much everyone! Sorry I’m just getting back to you all. Busy day.

Very cool @neilferreri!

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