I need help please 😥

Can someone please help me I am new to all of this and I don’t know what to do or what is going on I’ve tried everything I have looked this up everywhere I’ve tried watching videos I’ve homed the machine I probed it. I’ve done everything. I know how to which is not much but if there’s anybody out there, they can lend me a hand. I will be more than appreciative.

This is a warning as noted at:


What is the Safety/Retract height set to in the file?

Where are you setting the origin at?

Just starting with first things first.
the z is set to high
Have you set zero for your x y & z.
how thick is your material?

so i see your error but not knowing what your carving it is hard to say. I had this happen to me awhile back turned out I had changed my z axis 0 point. But as others have stated if you have a thick work piece that could cause it too.

If you have not yet set your Z Zero (either to top-of-stock, or to the wasteboard, whichever is right for your project), then you can ignore this warning.

If you see the after you have set your Z Zero, then you should look into things to see why your machine is going to go so high.

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I agree. Also try checking your retract height. Carbide is real generous when applying retract height.

For the bounds checker to work, you must set your workpiece zero BEFORE loading the file.
Otherwise, it’s using the last project zero, or if one is not set it’s using machine zero, which is at the right back top of the work envelope (The initialize corner).

What Michael said, in different words… :smiley:

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