I think static is killing my cycles

Hello, I’ve been using my XXL a lot lately and recently started having an issue with the machine shutting down during the cycle. This seems to happen more when I’m using poplar versus woods like dark cherry and black walnut. It is also worse while I am surfacing everything. I do not have a vacuum hose attached and I roll my machine outside every time I use it. Doing a brief search online, it looks like static buildup is what is plaguing my projects. It’s really preventing me from doing what I need to do with the machine. Does anybody have any experience on how to fix this? A lot of what I’ve read online is related to the vacuum hose which I do not have. Any advice is appreciated

Have you tried running your router power cord on a separate circuit? They seem to throw some noise


A few general tips here


Thank you for the advice. I just disconnected my power source from the same one that the router runs on and I am trying to spray some water to humidify the work surface. It seemed to help a little bit on the last run. Are there any real solutions? These kind of seem like patch jobs to me?

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