I tried a Resin Inlay This Weekend

I have a friend that has a B-Day coming up next month and I wanted to make something unique for her, so used Advanced VCarve to carve her name and some stars in a piece of red oak. When it was done, it looked “blah” so I looked at it and it told me it wanted color, so I obliged with some resin I have. It looks nice, but I can definitely refine the process for future pieces :+1:.

I had to crop the pics so her full name didn’t show because the internet…

I used Minwax “Gunstock” stain

Sanded Glow
Oh yeah, did I mention the stars glow?!?!!

Once I did this over the weekend, I ended up ordering an XXL. Now I have to clean and organize the garage to make room…



Well Sir i would say you did not try - you SMASHED!! the resin this weekend - if that is your first time doing resin then well done - and remember the first rule of resin club is to not stick something to something else, after you used that something to mix the resin with, then put that something down… well you get the picture!

Also font name for that Vcarve please :slight_smile:

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glow in the dark resin rocks!

fun food for thought: you can leave the work in place on the machine while doing the resin, let it cure, and then carve another shape into it (both wood and resin) and fill it then with a different color resin. One can get really nice sharp lines in a multi-color inlay that way


I think those are stars.
(sorry, tired today)

What’s the half-life of the resin? :skull_and_crossbones: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m glad you guys liked it. I’ve used resin a bunch, but mostly molds though. This was the first time with wood. The font is Monotype Corsiva - Regular.