I wish to cutout a whole letter eg. B but only want the inside lines as shallow carve

I wish to cutout a whole letter eg. B but only want the inside lines as a shallow carve. Please help if you can

Cutting out the letter is done with a “profile” cut. The internal parts would be done with a “pocket” cut. You just have to create a toolpath for the “profile” cut and separately one for the “pocket” cut, most likely using a different bit for the pocket.


Thanks but thats not working for me. I still need to be able to separate the outline of the letter from the inside bits. I used to be able to do this but not now. I have Carbide Create V 512

When I say its not working for me, I mean I cant get to the toolpath until I can do the separation

Was everything designed in Create?
Can you share the c2d file here (or original vector)?

Put a square around the letter that is larger, select both, and use the boolean operation. It should change the letter from a text to individual pieces… if that’s what your looking to do if I understand correctly.

Maybe there is another way but that’s how I do it.

Once that is done you can select the inner pieces and make you pocketing toolpath for a shallower cut.

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You understand my problem. I will try that thanks

To do this:

  • set the character:

  • draw in some additional geometry, select both and Boolean Union:

  • arriving at geometry which may be discretely selected:

  • in Toolpaths assign the pocket operation to the counters:

  • use an outer profile to cut out the outside:

(you should add offset geometry and cut as a pocket down to tab depth or the final pass)

  • resulting in the preview:


B.c2d (216.4 KB)

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Thanks everyone. I have it sorted now from Will’s kind explanation and post :smiley

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