Ideas for Accomplishing Desired Piece (Eyeglass Frame Front)

Hello all.

So, I finally have become comfortable with both my Nomad and MeshCAM, to an extent. However, I’ve got a bit of a problem I could use some help with. A couple problems, actually.

I cut out a test frame front using the double-sided adhesive tape, and it actually worked really well all the way until the end. Once most of the part was free, there wasn’t enough surface area to make a good enough hold and it broke free without doing the final stages of the cut. So, I figured this would be the case from the beginning, and that I’d have to find a way of clamping the frame without obstruction.

Traditionally, when frames are milled, the eyewire is milled first, and then a clamp in the shape of the eyewire in inserted, which is what holds it in place through the rest of the process. The beginning stages of this video will show you what I mean. Obviously, I’m not trying to accomplish the same thing as shown here, but this will show you what I mean by a clamp in the shape of the eyewire.

The material I am milling is buffalo horn. If there’s an easier way to attach it to the table, or accomplish what I’m trying to do, I’m definitely all ears.

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leave tabs to tie the part to material outside the perimiter. The excess material provides additional hold. Sizing the tabs can be an art, but generally isn’t critical. Once the part i done, minimal cleanup to separate it is finish where the tabs were.

How you do this depends on the software you use to generate the g-code. Most software provides this feature, as it is used a lo from hobbiests to production work. I do not know, off hand, how to do it with meshcam (I use it rarely), but IIRC it has the feature.

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I have a couple of ideas that I could suggest just so you’d have something to discard right out of the gate. The first would be to pause the cutting process along the way and apply hotmelt glue in strategic places as needed. I have no idea if it would hold. After that was determined to be a complete and utter failure, I think I’d try making some sacrificial plugs the same shape as the lenses. I’d do a pocket operation for the lenses and take the cut maybe a 1/4 inch into the wasteboard to form a socket and then I’d take the plugs and fasten them in to hold the frame.

I found the video interesting. My dentist makes crowns in his office and you can stand there and watch the crown being milled right before your eyes. He does a 3D scan and builds the crown and you get the whole process done in an hour or so. No temporaries…you get the real thing right then and there.

I’d like to watch your progress on making eyeglass frames. So keep this post updated, please.