Ideas for more Z Clearance

Hi everyone! I am looking to get my first CNC router and start my project under the guidance of a machinist friend of mine.

I’m looking at buying the HDM as I am cutting aluminum, but am concerned about the Z clearance under the gantry. I would like to add an inch of clearance.

I’m not looking to increase the maximum cutting depth, just want fit a thicker piece in the machine.

Has anyone done anything with the rail mounting or hybrid table to increase the gantry clearance without reducing rigidity?

Thanks in advance.

On some models people have removed sections of the spoilboard. I am not sure what the base looks like under the HDM but that might work.

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Yes I did see that on the hybrid table there are gaps between the spars with the MDF removed. My pieces may be able to fit in between the slats to give me a bit more clearance.

Im also curious to see if anyone shimmed up the rails to sit higher off the hybrid table with success (and also shimming up the the BitSetter).

Thanks for the reply!

To help me from having to replace the slats often due to continual surfacing, I found a used Computer desk with a 1.5 inch top. Cut into slats for my machine. Mentioning because you were interested in raising your bed.

For the Bit Setter, see my picture. Took the cap off while surfacing one time. Glued a magnet to it. To get more height, I add more magnets


I just set up my machine and I was thinking the same thing. I was eventually planning to get 2" thick aluminum bar stock, precision machined for thickness and mount it under the rails on top of the hybrid table. Don’t see why that wouldn’t work. I also want to make my Shapeoko 5 pro a true 4 axis machine and the added height would be beneficial for rotating parts.

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That’s awesome, please let me know how that goes. Can you machine the bars with the actual machine itself before installing them?

Also I’m curious if the mounting holes for the S5 Pro rails are the same hole spacing pattern for the HDM.

If so, it would be great if you could share that spec so I could machine a set of rail spacers too.

Thanks and good luck!

No. The spacing was changed so as to make things work out nicely for clamping 4’ wide sheets on the SO5 Pro — this is why there are multiple versions of files in the Carbide 3D printing library.

Thanks, I’m sure the 5 Pro can machine the bars, just have to tile it as the rails are longer than the table.

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