Ideas for thick acrylic

Hey guys,
While cleaning out my garage, after I got through the pile of bikes and wagons and bounce houses and other plastic junk, I came across a few sheets (about 2’x3’) of .75" cast acrylic.
I’m thinking a clear wasteboard with some lighting effects underneath. I’ve always wished my SO3 was a little more disco. I’ve got a couple ideas, but despite our common interests, we’re a diverse group
Let’s hear those ideas!


I like the idea of the disco look and an acrylic waste board. I don’t like cutting into my waste board anyway. Could cut one into strips and machine the edges for tee-nuts, glue and screw to the lower level for good support. Or aluminium tee-nut strips.
Machine measurement grid groves into the surface for the LED lighting to light up. Maybe even your logo in lights. Strobe light LED’s and you could see the condition of your cutting edges. Might look like its not running though.

Could just use it as windows for your enclosure. Bit of overkill.

Make a big beer sign over your machine.

  • @ClayJar -style relief in acrylic!
  • a giant edge-lit thing engraved with a diamond drag bit
  • large name cutouts (did I mention edge-lit ? LEDs rule!)
  • lots of custom dust shoes experiments
  • a stylish tool holder
  • pounds of acrylic chips that can be used as pretend snow come Christmas time?

Anyone else?
Although it’d be cool, I’m probably not upgrading my wasteboard to backlit acrylic. I’m thinking aluminum would be my next upgrade there.
I really want to take advantage of the thick pieces. Right now, I’m leaning toward a mini LED dance floor for my kids(almost 5 & almost 3), but that’ll be pending approval from the boss.
Still open to ideas

coffee/end table top insert.
terrarium underneath or one of those sand sculpture gardens via magnets from below


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