If there is anyone in the Arizona area that has free time and

wouldn’t mind dedicating time to maybe a facetime call, google video chat, whatever medium of video they choose (if you’re up for it) I’d love to pick the brains of people and ask questions in a verbal sense about thing’s I’d like to accomplish via CNC or etc. I do understand that peoples time is money and well, I’m also trying to make the money too (which I don’t have) :no_mouth:

This may or may not have been asked around here before and if it seems unorthodox, I understand. I’m just a visual learner and being that I moved here and don’t really know anyone (in person sighs with all this covid stuff) my spouse still doesn’t like the idea of people we don’t know hanging out at our home, etc.

So, my thought was a video call could be helpful. (I guess you don’t even really have to be in AZ, I just figured I’d say that because at some point maybe we could become friends and hang out in the future. and build things lol.

I’ve made things on my SO3XXL and have an OKAY understanding of it (and this message board has been a HUGE help and I am thankful for that), I was just looking for other mediums that might be able to help me along my journey. Since moving here a year ago (the pandemic hit and forced us to change our lives) I haven’t made any friends (no joke) This isn’t a pity statement nor am I looking for empathy. It’s really just me trying to network and meet other fun, like-minded people, that enjoy the same stuff as I.


~ J.

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Please feel free to ring us, or to set up a video session:


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Another possibility is to see if there are any maker spaces in your area where you can meet other local cnc users and possibly get even more help.

I started with no equipment or experience at one and it was a great place to meet all kinds of great people from all industries.


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